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Students are required to be punctual and regular in the College except when unavoidable i.e. due to sickness or emergency.
The following rules are strictly enforced with regard to attendance:.

  • The students who after completing admission formalities fail to join and do not attended class for a continuous period of 06 days, shall be struck off the College rolls.
  • A student who remains absent from the college without valid reasons for a period of three continuous working days or total of six days in a month, shall be struck off College rolls.
  • Only those students will be allowed to appear in the Board Examination who besides meeting other requirements, fulfill the following pre-requisites with required attendance:-
  • Minimum 80 percent attendance of the lectures delivered in each subject.
  • Minimum 80 percent attendance of practical performed in each subject provided total attendance does not fall below twenty practical each year.
Note : Absence on account of leave due to sickness or any other reason shall be treated as absence for the purpose of assessing eligibility for admission to the Board Examination.

Online Attendance
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