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Leave is normally discouraged as a matter of policy. It is granted to cater for a specific need. The following rules will be strictly observed in this regard.
The leave for activities which can be foreseen to occur like marriages, out station visits. etc. must be got sanctioned before proceeding on leave.
  • No “Ex postfacto” leave shall be granted.
  • In case of emergency or sudden sickness, leave application must be submitted immediately on rejoining the College but not later than two days thereof.
  • Leave should be applied on a standard Leave Application Form which may be obtained from the Attendance Office. Application on plain paper will not be accepted.
  • Leave application must carry signature of the parents/ Guardian.
  • Leave application on medical ground, must be accompanied by a medical certificate from a competent medical authority.
  • Casual leave up to a maximum period of five days is allowed once in an academic year.
  • Leave on account of marriage of relative may only be applied in case of marriage of real sister or brother which must not exceed three days.

Leave application should be presented personally by the student to his Tutor / HOD, who may sanction the leave up to THREE days. Leave beyond three days is recommended to the Principal by class / HOD if it falls within the normal rules enumerated above. Approved application will be deposited with the attendance Clerk for record.

To discourage absence without leave, the following fines shall be imposed:
  • Absence for one or more periods Rs. 20/- per period.
  • Late comers Rs. 40/-
  • Absence for whole day Rs. 80/- per day.
  • Absence for practical periods Rs.25/- per period.
  • Absence from Examination RS 100/- per paper.

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